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Adjustable Seat Height and Backrest
Easily adjust the height of the seat and tilt the backrest up to a 135 degrees, the backrest has optimal ergonomic support for both posture and back stress prevention.

More comfort, More Style

Advanced Leather Style, the vinyl seat surface brings you comfort, efficiency, and satisfaction.

ZELUS E1 L Overview

ZELUS E1 L is the perfect seat for gamers. With a steel frame and high quality components for extra durability to fine tune your comfort needs.


 ●Adjustable Backrest
 ●Adjustable Seat Height

Model ZELUS E1 L
Colors Red / Yellow / Blue / White / Black
Max Load  <440 lbs / 200 kg
Materials Leather Style Vinyl
Package Dimension 85 x 65 x 28 cm 34.46"" x 25.59"" x 11""
Warranty Length 3-year for Accessories
Adjustable Armrests Unadjustable
Mechanism Type Conventional Tilt
Adjustable Backrest Angle 135 Degree
Tilt Lock Yes